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Welcome! I am:

Michael Airhart

Together, let’s make technology that better communicates the human spirit — and that builds relationships across commerce and civil society.

My communications

How AI Self-Service Improves Customer Support

Self-service when done right can help save money and improve customer support for your business with the power of AI.

Fusion Powers Best-in-Class Self-Help Support and ROI at Veritas

Design your online presence correctly, and users seeking support should be able to solve their own cases in eight hours or less.

Use Emotion to Boost Search Results

How do we build a search experience that includes emotion?

Explainable AI Helps Thwart Risks of Black Box

IT leaders seek progress in the quest for machine-learning models that can be straightforwardly interpretable to humans.

About Me

As a communicator, ontologist, and product developer, I wear several hats.

In the world of marketing, I use storytelling and hard reporting to win over audiences to the team philosophy and business case, especially in the fields of human rights, AI-based search, and data acquisition.

Meanwhile in the world of content classification, I develop taxonomy and ontology models to find meaning within large data sets according to topic, location, relevance, and authority.

I have 15 years of experience in product management, editorial and technical teamwork, client support, and writing. I excel at problem solving, quality assurance, attention to detail, and client satisfaction.

My successes include:

  • Co-developing ontology for automatic classification of 5,000 news stories per day
  • Co-developing ontology for manual classification of medical certification curricula
  • Transforming a low-margin traditional newswire into a high-margin content syndication network through automation and smart management of human editorial resources
  • Writing published magazine articles, blogs, press releases, newsletters, brochures and white papers


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My major clients include Knight Ridder Inc., McClatchy Newspapers, Tribune Content Agency, Lucidworks, Ascend Learning, and Empathy.co in Spain.